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We provide concierge, in-home medical and counseling services, focusing on geriatric, palliative, and end-of-life care. We coordinate all aspects of care for our patients so they, and their loved ones, can experience the greatest possible comfort, peace of mind and dignity.

Our care includes a strong focus on the emotional and spiritual nature of the human experience, in addition to the physical, so patients and families feel heard, understood and optimally supported. We meet our patients and families wherever they are, and partner with them to achieve their goals and wishes.

Our team has been referred to as “the missing link in healthcare” because we fill many of the gaps created by a system that is hamstrung by regulations, bureaucracy, financial constraints and blind adherence to protocol. We are “out-of-the-box” thinkers with vast experience and huge hearts

Our Model

At Integrated MD Care we are always accepting new patients. In order to learn more about our model and how we may be able to support you, feel free to request a Complimentary Consultation by Clicking Here, or calling us today at (858) 925-7554.

During the Complimentary Consultation one of our expert providers will learn about your circumstances and identify ways that we may be able to help. We will share more about our model and, together, we will determine if we are a good fit for you. If so, we will discuss what that engagement will look like, schedule a time for an initial visit, and discuss fees. If not, we will try to identify other helpful resources.

This is a “private pay” model, and we accept payment from our patients in the form of checks, ACH debits and credit cards. We do not accept Medicare, MediCal or private insurance payments. This payment model allows us to deliver the highest level of expert care that is tailored exactly to the needs and wishes of our patients and their loved ones. We also work on a sliding scale, so we are able to provide support and care for people without the ability to pay the standard fees.



I am very grateful to Dr. Bob and Rev. Elizabeth for all their care and assistance to my late husband and our family. Their visits to our home, thoughtful personal attention, and management of his medical and spiritual needs made his final days comfortable and content and allowed him to remain in the home that he loved with his family. Dr. Bob's evaluation and interventions, and Rev. Elizabeth's perceptive insights and suggestions about topics for conversation, were especially helpful and eased his crossing immensely. Thank you.

F J L.

It's a blessing that the state of California provides qualifying patients with an option. Nobody should have to suffer. I am beyond grateful to Dr. Bob for his professionalism, sensitivity and care.

Webb W.

I just wanted to say thank you Dr.Bob. You were there when my husband needed you. How can I thank you for that? He was suffering from ALS and wanted to go on his own terms. A friend recommended Dr. Bob. From that point on he knew he was going to be taken care of. I only wish this service was given as an option in very beginning. But we had to find it on our own. To those who are on the fence about contacting this doctor. Please do yourself and your loved one a favor and call. You won’t be sorry.

Linda W.

After the very sudden and unexpected death of my younger sister, Elizabeth was an enormous support. She was understanding, comforting and gave me a framework for my grief process. Losing someone is never easy, but with Elizabeth’s support it has been a much richer experience. I am grateful to have met her and highly recommend working with her.

Laing R.

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