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On Hospice

hospice information

If you or a loved one are about to enter hospice care, it’s important to know your team and understand how it works.

I wrote this blog post to introduce you to each member of the team and describe their responsibilities, explain how hospice works, and what insurance covers. 

For example, you may not know that the assigned physician typically is not personally engaged in care. Once admission is completed, the physician meets with the team regularly to review the case and confirm orders, but they are often not available to address questions in real-time. That’s where your nurse case manager will come in. 

We want to help you have all the information available so you can get the proper support for you and your loved ones and have peace of mind knowing you have the best care. You may read the entire blog post here.

Rev. Elizabeth Semenova Our Practice Director and Psychospiritual Counselor, Rev. Elizabeth Semenova writes on her experience and wisdom gained over decades of learning, growing and working in spiritual care and social services.

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