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Our Support Philosophy and Helpful Resources

With the right resources and the support you and your family need, it is ALWAYS possible to experience a deeper sense of peace and innate wellbeing. Integrated MD Care is built on the foundation of the principles of Connection, Compassion, Commitment, and Communication. Most would agree, those are not principles you will find in many traditional healthcare settings we all have to deal with. Contact us at any time to experience better medical care for an aging loved one.

Get the facts. Ask for help. 

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We also believe that EDUCATION is key to you and your family’s health and well being. Please check out the following resources to keep yourself informed, and you and your family as healthy and comfortable as can be.

Integrated MD Care Resources

BLOG – Visit our blog often to hear from Dr. Bob Uslander and his team on a variety of current and important topics related to palliative care, hospice care, geriatric and complex care, end-of-life care and important healthcare issues.

PODCASTS – Dr. Bob Uslander interviews thought leaders in the world of end-of-life care, hospice, palliative care and other aspects of elderly and geriatric care. You’ll find these interviews informative, entertaining, and inspiring! Podcasts are a convenient way to learn a lot while you’re on the go. Listen anywhere. Just click and play!

IN THE NEWS – Check out the latest media coverage on viewpoints and perspectives from Dr. Bob Uslander and the team at Integrated MD Care. Dr. Bob is often interviewed as a subject-matter expert on death with dignity, end-of-life care, and related topics affecting people all over San Diego County and beyond.

SPEAKING – Follow the speaking schedule and calendar of events for the team at Integrated MD Care. Would you like a speaker at your organization, convention, or event? Learn more here. 

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