Need an Advocate to Help You Navigate the Complex Healthcare System?

Although there are a lot of great people with big hearts and good intentions working in the field, the hospice system does not support individualized care, the way you would want it. The way you deserve it.

Sometimes you just need an advocate to help you through our complex healthcare system. 

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Hospice care can be excellent at times, but it can also be woefully inadequate. It’s very hit or miss – a bit of a crapshoot. At the time when people are most in need of truly compassionate, individualized care and support, they are turned over to strangers who are beholden to a broken and archaic system.

Knowing the truth about hospice care could create a sense of fear and powerlessness for people facing end-of-life issues.

But you or your family don’t need to feel this way as you navigate this challenging time together. Our dedicated team is here to educate and empower you, providing you with peace of mind and the best care possible.

During our initial conversation, we’ll listen carefully, learn about your situation, and offer some resources, insights and next steps for you to consider. There is no cost for our initial consultation and it’s available to anyone, including patients and loved ones.


End -Of-Life-Care

  • Evaluation – Thorough evaluation of each individual’s current circumstances. In-home throughout San Diego County or at our office in Del Mar, Ca.
  • Counseling – by doctors, nurses and social workers who are experts in the field, regarding all options available for achieving the most peaceful and dignified last season of life
  • Coordination and oversight –Management of all care providers, including home health, hospice, private home care, etc.
  • Pain and symptom management –Effective and comprehensive pain and symptom management at any stage
  • Physician collaboration – Upon request, we’ll work closely with your current physician or other healthcare providers to ensure that all perspectives are being shared
  • Integrative therapies – Introduction of healing and soothing integrative therapies such as physical therapy, massage therapy, music therapy, acupuncture, and more
  • Bereavement care – Supporting families during and after end-of-life care
  • Exceptional communication– Frequent, clear, and timely 
  • Alternative or Enhancement to hospice – Hospice care can be a blessing, but there are strict qualifying guidelines and serious limitations. The quality of care can also be inconsistent. We provide education and support, and ensure that only the best care is being delivered to our patients.

Anywhere in San Diego County, our approach to end-of-life care empowers you to live life on your terms for the rest of your days – free of fear, pain, and anxiety. We are your support. We are your advocate. We are your alternative to a healthcare system that just doesn’t work well enough.

Because we are not an insurance-based model there are no restrictions, limitations or qualifications to interfere with our commitment to you and your loved ones.

What Is End-Of-Life Care?

Integrated MD Care goes beyond the support patients typically receive from a hospice or palliative care program. Whether or not a traditional hospice or palliative care service is involved, our caring team of experts will work with you, to co-create an end-of-life plan that’s just right for you.

Without the restrictions that typical hospice programs face, we are able to provide you with options, control, and insight into how you can live your last days, weeks, months or years the way you want to live them– in comfort, in peace, free of stress and without pain. We will give you back the control you’ve been missing.

“It’s a cold truth: Your doctor has probably not seen anyone die in long time.”

Dr. Bob Uslander

Your family physician has massive pressure to do what she can to help a lot of patients feel better (while extending their lives). The last thing she has time for is an in-depth conversation on how you want your end-of-life experience to be. Most doctors simply refer people at end-of-life to hospice or a nursing home.

In the current healthcare system, is this all we should expect? Absolutely not. You should expect more. You deserve more.

With our End-of-Life Care services, you are empowered to make the decisions about your life that are most aligned with your highest values and your emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual needs. We’ll talk with you, educate you, and advocate for you to have the final season of your life be what you want it to be.

Whether it’s through counseling, oversight of hospice care, or when appropriate, support for Voluntarily Stopping Eating and Drinking (VSED), or assistance with Medical Aid in Dying (MAID) our goal is to help you reduce your suffering and maintain a full life for the rest of your days.

Learn more about our End of Life Care services here.

You Are Not Alone in This Final Season of Life

You likely know how difficult it can be for a patient or family member to reach a nurse when you really need one. It’s all but impossible to reach a physician who knows you to ask a question or clarify something.

Trying to get through the “phone tree” is frustrating and challenging, even for other professionals, let alone patients in distress or family members dealing with the anxiety and stress.

This is not how healthcare should be. This is not how anyone’s end-of-life experience should be. In simple terms, this is not customer friendly and in fact, it feels antagonistic to most people.

What’s different about Integrated MD Care?

  • Exceptional communication– Frequent, clear, timely
  • Unhurried in-home visits – Physicians and nurses are available as needed
  • 24/7 access – Access to your personal Integrated MD Care physician and nurses by phone, text, or email
  • Easy to talk to – You do not have to be actively dying to have an end-of-life consultation

Not Just Palliative Care. Not Just Hospice Care

It is so unfortunate that a “good death” or an atraumatic end-of-life experience seems to be the exception. Those who experience good deaths are referred to as the “lucky ones.”  Everyone deserves a good death! Instead of the exception, it needs to be the rule.

It is not just a matter of wealth and access to resources. There are plenty of wealthy people who have had difficult, even miserable, deaths.

 “What we offer is not available in a traditional hospice setting and you have many more choices than you think!”

Rev. Liz Uslander, Practice Director

You can count on our experienced medical care, expert guidance, and compassionate approach to help you and your loved ones through this final season of life. This is end-of-life care, designed by you and tailored to the experience you desire.

Need Assistance Now?

Whether you’re located in Solana Beach, Carlsbad, Rancho Santa Fe or anywhere in San Diego County the Integrated MD Care team is standing by to help.

We urge you to contact us today at (858) 925-7554 or fill out a consultation form on our site so you can get the best help for you or your loved one as quickly as possible. What we offer is not available in a traditional hospice setting and you have many more choices than you think!

PLEASE NOTE: You do not have to be actively dying to have a consultation on the topic of end-of-life with us.


How Our Personalized End-Of-Life Care Program Can Help

Our End-of-Life Care program has allowed us to positively impact countless patients and families since we started this unique service in 2016. Watch the videos below to see how our team of experts and loving support can help you or your loved ones live, and die, with peace, comfort, and dignity.

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