Those facing a terminal illness have a right to know about all the options available to them. At Integrated MD Care in San Diego, California, Dr. Bob Uslander, Rev. Liz Uslander and the team at Integrated MD Care offer comprehensive end-of-life services, including Medical Aid in Dying, that allows qualifying individuals the ability to transition peacefully and according to their own free will. To learn more about Medical Aid in Dying, call Integrated MD Care or request an appointment online today.

Medical Aid in Dying Q & A

What is Medical Aid in Dying (MAID)?

Medical Aid in Dying is a legal and reliable option for terminally ill patients who have six months or less to live. Through this practice, mentally capable adults can request a prescription for medication they can choose to take that will allow them to die peacefully and on their own terms.

MAID isn’t assisted suicide, physician-assisted suicide, or euthanasia. The distinction between MAID and these other practices is that the person taking the medication always remains in complete control of the decision and the ingestion of the medicine.

The Integrated MD Care team focuses on bringing you comfort and peace while taking away your fears and anxiety about your end-of-life decisions.

What Medical Aid in Dying services are available?

Integrated MD Care offers comprehensive end-of-life counseling services that focus on your specific physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. The compassionate team can provide you with all of the necessary resources if you’re considering MAID as an option.

The focus of Medical Aid in Dying services is to reduce your suffering and help you peacefully transition when you’re facing a life-ending illness.

How does one qualify for Medical Aid in Dying?

If you’re considering MAID, the Integrated MD Care team will evaluate your medical conditions and circumstances to determine if you qualify for this process.

You must be mentally capable of making informed decisions about your health and able to self-ingest the medications (“ingestion” means getting the medication into your body in some manner- it does not always need to be swallowed). MAID is only legal for those who are deemed to have less than six months to live due to a terminal illness.

For some, simply knowing that they have access to medication provides a sense of comfort and relief. Many people ultimately choose not to use the medication.

Integrated MD Care offers MAID as part of the practice’s comprehensive end-of-life counseling services. These services provide you and your family with compassionate support and resources to make the difficult decisions often required by those dealing with a terminal illness.

To learn more about Medical Aid in Dying services, call Integrated MD Care or request a consultation through the online booking system.