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Elizabeth Semenova, MSW, MTS

Practice Director & Psychospiritual Counselor located in San Diego, CA

About Rev. Elizabeth Semenova

Reverend Elizabeth Semenova, MSW, MTS, is the practice director and a psychospiritual guide at Integrated MD Care in Del Mar, California. She oversees operations at the practice and provides compassionate and loving guidance to patients and their families throughout the course of their care.

Elizabeth earned her Bachelor of Arts in ethics and social justice from Georgetown University in Washington, DC, graduating cum laude. She then completed her Master of Theological Studies from Wesley Theological Seminary, also in Washington, DC, before graduating cum laude from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles with her Master of Social Work. She was ordained into the ecumenical Universal Life Church Ministry in 2007.

Passionate about furthering paradigm shifts in her field, Elizabeth has sought out numerous research opportunities. She has worked on a number of projects at the University of California  San Diego’s Moores Cancer Center, San Diego and the University of Southern California. Her research includes multicultural adaptations for legacy projects, qualitative assessments of Spanish-language palliative care standards, clinical psychosocial trials, and the impact of virtual reality in end-of-life care. 

Prior to joining Integrated MD Care, Elizabeth worked in elementary schools in Washington, DC, where she gained valuable experience working with children and supporting their social development. During her time there, she was active in the community, acting as a resource liaison and mentor for local churches and non-profit organizations, including the Water Ministry and Bread for the City. She later moved to the West Coast, where she served as a social worker and bereavement counselor in San Diego at Seaport Home Health & Hospice, Silverado Hospice, and PATH Connections Housing. 

The primary focus of Elizabeth’s work at Integrated MD Care is to lovingly support and guide patients and their families through deep, interpersonal relationships, combining various fields of clinical psychology and spiritual practice to support and facilitate transformative experiences at every stage of life. She works closely with spouses, children, and grandchildren on their deeply personal grief and bereavement journeys. Some of the services she offers include grief counseling, trauma and addiction counseling, mental health guidance, and spiritual guidance.

Outside of work, Elizabeth serves on several non-profit director boards, including Integrated Lifecare Foundation, volunteers with mental health and addiction recovery communities, and enjoys time connecting with friends and family in nature and in creative expression. 


The Lion & The Deer

When you enter the garden of the heart,
You become fragrant like the rose.
When you fly toward Heaven,
You become graceful like the angel.
If you get burned like oil,
You become brilliant.
When you become thin like hair in yearning,
Your joy leads the way.
You’ll be the kingdom and the king.
You’ll be paradise and the guardian angel.
You’ll be infidelity and you’ll be faith.
You’ll be the lion, and you’ll be the deer.