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End Of Life Counseling

Integrated MD Care

Palliative Care & Counseling located in San Diego, CA

End-of-life counseling ensures that you receive care that aligns with your values, spirituality, and overall health needs without restrictions, so you can be at peace. At Integrated MD Care in Del Mar, California, Bob Uslander, MD, and Rev. Elizabeth Uslander, MSW, MTS, offer personalized end-of-life counseling services that aren’t available through traditional hospice. The team also provides support services to family members dealing with fear and grief. To find out more about available options for end-of-life counseling, call Integrated MD Care or request an appointment online today.

End of Life Counseling Q & A

What is end-of-life counseling?

End-of-life counseling involves comprehensive services by expert doctors, nurses, and social workers who guide you through all your options for ensuring you or a loved one experiences the most peaceful and dignified last season of life.

Integrated MD Care provides services that go beyond what’s typically available in a palliative care program or hospice. The team can assist you with the preparation of an end-of-life plan for yourself or someone you love.

The team also provides supportive services for family members to make difficult transitions easier.

What end-of-life counseling services are available?

The Integrated MD Care team begins with a thorough evaluation of the individual’s personal circumstances through in-home visits or consultations at the office.

Based on the results of the evaluation, the team coordinates and oversees the management of all care providers, including private home care, home health, and hospice.

Other end-of-life counseling services available include:

  • Spiritual guidance
  • Physician collaboration
  • Pain and symptom management
  • Bereavement care and support for family
  • Alternatives to hospice care
  • Medical aid in dying (MAID) consultations


The team also provides integrative therapies, including massage, music therapy, and acupuncture, to keep you or your loved one comfortable, relaxed, and pain-free for the rest of their days.

Why should I consider end-of-life counseling?

End-of-life counseling empowers you or your loved one to live life on your own terms, without fear, uncertainty, or anxiety. Integrated MD Care serves as your advocate for navigating the many aspects of end-of-life care according to your values, religion, and desires. 

The team remains committed to the care you or your loved one receives without limitations, restrictions, or qualifications for insurance, as the practice doesn’t follow an insurance-based model.

For family members facing the loss of a loved one, Integrated MD Care continues to provide grief counseling and bereavement services to support your physical and mental health.

To find out more about available end-of-life counseling services, call Integrated MD Care or request an appointment through the online booking system today.

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