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Spiritual Guidance

Integrated MD Care

Palliative Care & Counseling located in San Diego, CA

Your spiritual needs may be just as important as your physical needs when you’re facing a terminal illness. The compassionate team at Integrated MD Care in Del Mar, California, understands this. Bob Uslander, MD, and Rev. Elizabeth Uslander, MSW, MTS, provide personalized services to help you stay engaged in your spiritual or religious practices at home or in hospice care. To learn more about the importance of spiritual guidance, call Integrated MD Care or request a consultation through the online booking feature.

Spiritual Guidance Q & A

What is spiritual guidance?

As people face the end of life, they often rely on their religious beliefs and spirituality to understand their emotions and grief. The available spiritual guidance services ensure you have what you need to feel at peace and in alignment with your faith, beliefs, or religion.

Spirituality is an important part of many people’s lives and having access to their specific religious or spiritual practices while in the hospital or at home brings comfort and reassurance to those who are sick or dying.

At Integrated MD Care, spiritual guidance services are available for those facing a terminal illness or those receiving palliative care or hospice.

Why is spiritual guidance important?

Spiritual guidance services focus on preventing spiritual distress that can further complicate the health and circumstances of someone with a terminal illness or who is facing the final days of their life.

Spiritual distress originates when you can’t find meaning in your life or you’re not feeling the comfort and peace you deserve in your final days. This can result in:

  • Refusal of care
  • Fear of being alone
  • Chronic worry and anxiety
  • Withdrawal and isolation from loved ones

Unlike many health care providers, the team at Integrated MD Care has extensive experience in addressing the spiritual needs of each person.

What spiritual guidance services are available?

The Integrated MD Care team can assess the spiritual needs of you or a loved one and provide you with services to help you feel at peace.

Your provider offers resources that involve organized religion, faith-based counseling, and other services that meet your unique spiritual needs. They can coordinate attendance at a religious service or at-home visits with clergy or spiritual practitioners as needed.

Integrative MD Care providers work closely with you to understand your worries and fears and focus on helping you find strength, love, and peace when it matters most. They provide spiritual guidance for you in palliative or hospice care, in the hospital, or at home, and are available 24/7 by phone, text, or email.

To learn more about the benefits of spiritual guidance services available, contact Integrated MD Care by phone or schedule an appointment through the online booking tool today.