What Is Integrated MD Care – Part I

The Question:

“Are your services for those for whom it is acknowledged that they are at the end of their life or also for people who are facing a serious illness with hope of recovery?”

The Answer – What We Do 

Over the 4+ years the practice has been operational, we have definitely supported folks who were facing serious illness with the hope of recovery – many of them did recover and came off our care and jumped back into their lives.

Geriatric, Palliative and End of Life Care & Counseling

The practice was started as a geriatric, palliative and end of life care practice. In the time since its inception, it’s evolved a bit – while we still provide geriatric and palliative care, we realized the profound lack of resources, education and appropriately personalized care in the end of life realm, so we have invested in making that portion of our work more robust.

Gaps In The System – Unexpected Outcomes

The truth is, the same information applies to all areas of healthcare: There are major gaps in the system and few resources to access big-picture, whole-person explorations of the options available at each stage. Patients and their families are woefully under-supported through the various health journeys, whatever the outcome.

Meeting You Where You Are – Where Can We Go From There? 

Our practice can help at any stage of serious, chronic, or terminal illness. We meet people wherever they are and help to ensure their wishes are honored. For some, that means getting a the big-picture physician assessment of their medical condition and treatment options, for others it means having our whole team engage to support the journey; for some the hope is to recover health, for others the hope is to enjoy the best quality of life until it’s time to release.

A Whole Person Approach – Physical, Spiritual, Mental & Emotional

Our vast experience is that, regardless of the goal, when someone is facing a major transition and the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual changes that come with it, having a safe container to express their needs, and expert guidance in exploring their options makes the biggest difference of all. The additional option of having our ongoing support throughout the journey optimizes the whole experience.

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